Insurance & Financing

At City Eye Hospital, helping you attain and maintain good vision and eye health is our priority.

From the moment you walk into our facilities, be it our Main Hospital or our Appointment Clinic, we will strive to treat you with kindness and compassion, responding to your eye care needs sincerely and professionally, irrespective of your socioeconomic background.

For your convenience, City Eye Hospital offers the option to securely pay your bill via insurance, M-Pesa or Visa. Please note that we do not accept payment in the form of cash or personal cheques.

Main Hospital Insurance Partners

Our Main Hospital accepts insurance cover from:

● Jubilee Insurance



Consultation Fee

The consultation fee at our Main Hospital is KSh 500 only. The cost thereafter varies, depending on your diagnosis and treatment.




Appointment Clinic Insurance Partners

Our Appointment Clinic accepts insurance cover from:

● Armed Forces
● Cigna (Vanbreda International)
● First Assurance
● Heritage
● Jubilee
● JW Seagon / AXA / Exeter
● Kenya Airforce
● Mic Global Risks
● Minet (excluding TSC, Kenya Police)
● Saham Assurance

Insurance Guide

Eye/vision cover tends to be an additional/opt-in component in a number of health insurance covers. Some covers require predetermination of medical necessity prior to eye care being rendered.

You may wish to contact your insurance company to verify if eye care is a covered benefit in your health insurance plan.


Consultation Fee

The consultation fee at our Appointment Clinic is KSh 4,000 only. The cost thereafter varies, depending on your diagnosis and treatment.



Nyeri Hospital Insurance Partners

      The CEH Nyeri Clinic’s health insurance partners include:

             â— Simba Health

             â— First Assuranc

             â— Jubilee Insurance

             â— M-Tiba


        (More partners coming soon…)

If you have a question or concern regarding our financing and insurance options or procedures at either of our facilities, please contact us.