Uveitis refers to a spectrum of eye problems that involves inflammation of the uvea

As a result of the rich circulation of blood throughout the uvea and its proximity to other important parts of the eye, the area is susceptible to infection and immune disorders.


Uveitis can occur in various parts of the eye, which fall into three broad categories: those in the front, middle part or the back of the uvea.Anterior uveitis (or inflammation involving the front of the eye) is the most common type of uveitis.


Uveitis affects all age groups and its causes and symptoms vary widely, depending on the location of the inflammation and the stage of the disease.



There are many different types of uveitis, ranging from mild discomfort to chronic cases, hence the treatment varies as well.


The goal of the uveitis specialists at City Eye Hospital is to perform a careful clinical evaluation for proper diagnosis (including unearthing if it is an infectious or non-infectious uveitis) to enable precise treatment for the patient’s particular condition.



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