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Oculoplastic is a highly specialised practice of ophthalmology that diagnoses, manages and treats medical conditions or injuries around the eye

Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery is a highly specialised practice of ophthalmology and plastic surgery that diagnoses, manages and treats medical conditions or injuries around the eye, more so the eyelids, lacrimal (tear duct) system, the orbit (the bony cavity surrounding the eye) and the adjacent facial structures.



Some of the common oculoplastic cases we treat at City Eye Hospital include:

● blocked tear ducts
● epiphora (excess tearing)
● eyelid and orbital injuries
● stye (a small, red and painful lump at the edge of the eyelid)
● entropion and ectropion (inward and outward turning of the lower eyelids, leading to chronic and persistent irritation)
● congenital defects
● orbital tumours and cancer of the eye tissue
● thyroid-related orbitopathy (an autoimmune condition that can lead to changes in the appearance of the eyes and eyelids)
● blepharoplasty (the involuntary clenching of eyelid muscles, resulting in droopy eyelids)



The oculoplastic specialists at City Eye Hospital have the expertise to diagnose, treat and manage the full range of oculoplastic and reconstructive eye surgery procedures.


Conditions such as the stye can usually be treated with warm compresses together with eye drops or ointments and sometimes oral antibiotics. If this fails, then a drainage procedure may have to be done.


The likes of entropion and ectropion cases require tightening procedures to correct the position of the lower eyelids, while epiphora (excess tearing) may need a procedure to allow the tears to enter the drainage canals or drain through a new opening, depending on the cause of the condition.



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