Community Outreach Camps

The outreach program was initiated in 2010, by Upper Hill Eye and Laser Centre (UHEAL) as a means of reaching clients who would otherwise not have accessed quality eye care.Initially, the idea of an outreach program was introduced by Dr. Kibata Githeko, as a mode of screening diabetic patients. The screening team was composed of an Ophthalmic Clinical Officer, booking clerk and a driver who also doubled as a counselor. Many of these outreaches were conducted in public health institutions. The screening was mostly confined to areas around Mt. Kenya and Central Rift Valley regions, which through a study showed the highest prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus.


The success of the screening program was made possible through a fund donated to UHEAL by World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), which assisted to purchase capital equipment and a state of the art fabricated medical truck to assist in rolling out the program. The clients who were screened and diagnosed to have Diabetes Eye Disease were booked for further treatment and management at UHEAL. The mobile clinic would also visit identified locations with Dr. Kibata Githeko offering interventional measures i.e. intravitreal injections and diabetic laser treatment.


Patients requiring further treatment were referred to UHEAL . (It was during such screenings, that the team noticed many patients had other eye ailments that needed intervention at the clinic, but the cost of surgeries was prohibitive. Hence, the idea of a low cost eye hospital was birthed. Currently, the outreach program is run through City Eye Hospital.



City Eye Hospital is a social venture whose main objective is to provide quality and affordable eye care to the community. To achieve this, all services at the facility have been subsidized and a more robust outreach program has been established with the aim of making eye care accessible to communities out of reach of the hospital.